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Stonehenge Rock Balancing Sculpture

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Weight: 24.00 LBS
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Small in stature but BIG in conceptual design and function! The Stonehenge Rock Balancing Bird Bath is a small sculpture that can be used as a quiet watering dish for the passing bird or a simple concrete bird feeder. The unique structure is made up of three stone bases supporting two larger rocks with a rustic watering dish for birds to bathe!. Add a touch with an accent stone in the center of the dish to display your personal touch! Shown in Antiqued Sandstone-SS


  • Sturdy One Piece Birdbath or Feeder
  • Made in the USA from Cast Stone Concrete GFRC
  • Mimics Stonehenge Ruins Supporting Handcrafted Outdoor Decor.

Assembled Product Dimensions 12-1/2" L x 10"W x 11"H weight 24 lbs

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This bird bath came extremely safely packaged, and there was nothing to put together on it. I chose the color pictured to be safe, since I couldn't really tell what any other color option would look like. But the color worked out well, and it looks EXACTLY as pictured. It's small but extremely sturdy, and holds much more water than it looks like due to the shape of the "bowl" part. Extremely happy with this bird bath! Alicia Flaherty
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